About Heather Raznick

Heather Raznick, an accomplished licensed Psychotherapist, leverages more than 15 years of experience in her field. Since founding her private practice in 1996, Ms. Raznick has sought to help her patients overcome such issues as depression, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, and sexual and physical abuse, among many others. Serving St. Louis, Missouri, she holds responsibility for more than 150 cases and meets as many as 40 clients per week.

Heather Raznick’s expertise in psychiatry and sexuality is utilized in a number of other capacities as well. Since 2000, she has lectured monthly at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, where she functions as Faculty Member for the graduate medical education program. In this role, she provides clinical and academic training to psychiatry, OB/GYN, internal medicine, and family practice residents in sexual health and well-being. Her responsibilities also include conducting continuing education Grand Rounds at several hospitals. Furthermore, Heather Raznick lends her expertise to various local radio, newspaper, and television programs, as well as public speaking events on sexual health and wellness.

Licensed by the State of Missouri Advisory Committee for Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Heather Raznick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Child Study, and Sociology (triple major) and a Master’s degree in Social Work. She is a certified Mediator for Business, Family, and Divorce Conflicts and became a Certified Sex Therapist after completing an internship at the Masters and Johnson Institute, where she conducted cotherapy sessions directly with Dr. William Masters, one of the foremost leaders in the field of human sexuality.

Heather Raznick maintains affiliations with several organizations relevant to her field, including the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists; the National Association of Social Workers; and the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her friends.


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